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작성자 Jani Knetes 작성일23-03-08 04:42 조회38회 댓글0건


Only 10% of marketers use AI for SEO content generation, but 58% aim to this year.

One reason for that 10% figure is likely an abundance of caution. ChatGPT and similar tools can generate content quickly – but quality remains a concern due to AI "hallucination" and many SEOs worry Google will be able to detect and penalize AI content.

Google has warned against using AI-generated content for years – although that guideline has softened in 2023. Now, Google cares less whether a human or AI writes your content, as long as your content is helpful to people and not created to manipulate the search results.

Why this change? Most likely because Google plans to soon add generative AI to its search experience.

90% of organizations prioritizing SEO in 2023. Building up brand expertise and abrir puertas madrid authority delivers what BrightEdge refers to as "compounding value." Basically, this means the websites that are winning in their industry/niche continue to increase their share of search.


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